Lawnmower Troubleshooting

WB20ZB7 and WB450A models





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Does not start

1.Dirty air filter.

1.Clean/replace air filter.

2.Out of fuel.

2.Fill fuel tank.

3.Stale fuel.

3.Drain tank and refill with fresh clean fuel.

4.Water in fuel.

4.Drain fuel tank and carburetor and refill tank with fresh gasoline.

5.Spark plug wire is disconnected.

5.Connect wire to plug

6.Bad spark plug.

6.Replace spark plug.

7.Loose blade or broken blade adapter.

7.Tighten blade bolt or replace blade adapter.

8.Control bar in released position.

8.Depress control bar to handle.

9.Control bar defective.

9.Replace control bar.

Loss of power

1.Rear of lawn mower housing of cutting blade dragging in heavy grass.

1.Set to “Higher Cut” position.

2.Cutting too much grass.

2.Set to “Higher Cut” position.

3.Dirty air filter.

3.Clean/replace air filter.

4.Buildup of grass, leaves, and trash under mower.

4.Clean underside of mower housing.

5.Too much oil in engine.

5.Check oil level.

6.Walking speed too fast.

6.Cut at slower walking speed.

Poor cut-uneven

1.Worn, bent or loose blade.

1.Replace blade. Tighten blade bolt.

2.Wheel heights uneven.

2.Set all wheels at same height.

3.Buildup of grass, leaves and trash under mower.

3.Clean underside of mower housing.

Excessive vibration

1.Wom, bent or loose blade.

1.Replade blade. Tighten blade bolt.

2.Bent engine crankshaft.

2.Contact a qualified service center.

Starter rope hard to pull

1.Engine flywheel brake is on when control bar is released.

1.Depress control bar to upper handle before pulling starter rope.

2.Bent engine crankshaft.

2.Contact a qualified service center.

3.Blade adapter broken.

3.Replace blade adapter.

4.Blade dragging in grass.

4.Move lawn mower to cut grass or to hard surface.

Grass catcher not filling(If so equipped)

1.Cutting height too low.

1.Raise cutting height.

2.Lift on blade worn off.

2.Replace blade.

3.Catcher not venting air.

3.Clean grass catcher.

Hard to push

1.Grass is too high or wheel height is too low.

1.Raise cutting height

2.Rear of lawn mower housing/blade dragging in grass.

2.Raise rear of lawn mower housing one (1) setting higher.

3.Grass catcher too full.

3.Empty grass catcher.

4.Handle height position not right for you.

4.Adjust handle height to suit.

Loss of drive

1.Belt wear.

1.Check/replace drive belt.

2.Belt off of pulley.

2.Check/reinstall drive belt.

4.Dirt in drive pinions.

4.Clean drive pinions.